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CCP411 PLC-5 Advanced Programming using RSLogix 5 Software

Course Code: CCP411
Duration: 4.5 days

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Course Purpose:

This course introduces you to advanced programming techniques and instructions that will assist you in successfully configuring and programming a 1785 PLC-5 system using RSLogix5 software.

Throughout the course, your instructor will demonstrate how to use advanced programming instructions and techniques to create a functional ladder logic project within a PLC-5 system. After each demonstration, you will be given an application-based exercise that provides you with an extensive hands-on practice in using the RSLogix5 software to program a PLC-5 processor.

By following the procedures in the job aids provided with the course materials, you can immediately apply what you have learned in this course to your job.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will design and create SFC and ladder logic programs by performing the following actions:
· Set up a PLC-5 system on a Data Highway + (DH+) network
· Write programs using advanced programming instructions and techniques
· Plan program flow strategies
· Transfer data between PLC-5 processors on a DH+ network, between PLC-5 processors and analog modules, and between

· PLC-5 processors in scanner and adapter modes.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who need to write or interpret ladder logic projects using advanced programming techniques and instruction should attend this course.


Completion of the following course:
· Experience with basic control and electrical principles
· Programming the PLC-5 Programmable Controller Using RSLogix5 Software (Course No. CCP410)

Topical Outline:

This course consists of the following lessons:
· Setting Up a PLC-5 System on a DH+ Network
· Planning Program Flow Strategies
· Programming Sequential Function Charts (SFCs)
· Programming Multiple Main Control Programs (MCPs)
· Programming Selectable Timed Interrupt (STI) Routines
· Programming Processor Input Interrupt (PII) Routines
· Programming Fault Routines
· Programming a File Search and Compare (FSC) Instruction
· Selecting and Programming Shift Register Instruction
· Selecting and Programming Sequencer Instructions
· Applying Indirect and Indexed Addressing
· Programming a Message (MSG) Instruction for DH+ Communications
· Transferring Data between Processor and Analog Modules
· Transferring Data between Scanner and Adapter Processors
· Programming a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Instruction
· Programming ASCII Instructions

Course Length

This is a four and a half day course.

Course Number

The course number is CCP411.

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